You Are Here Festival

Last week I took part in a 10 day art festival called You Are Here. My involvement was quite heavy. If I was to describe the festival in two words I would say “dense programming” or “much fun”

I took part in the following events

In Case Of Sound - Collaboration between Calico Cat (me) and Fossil Rabbit (Chris Finnigan)

The Night Fort - Sleepover event at CMAG - Projection mapping and sonic improv (4.30-6am)

CCAS Residents 1 Night Exhibition - One Night Stand at the Money Bin

Lunch Beat - 1 hour dance party

As well as taking part in these event I also was involved in a Zonk Vision residency, a week long block of environment building and curated events in the evenings. The events I organised for this were

Canberra, A Utopian Ideal - A multi-performance event looking at a utopian future of Canberra where an easy access performance/exhibition space exists and is flourishing

The Film Remains The Same - 3 improvised sound performances to the same film (Louise Curham - Super8 BEAUTIFUL!!!) shown three times.

1 Minute Film Festival

ZVOGx3 - A performance/screening event with performances from myself and Greg(Holden Hands) and film screening

Photos are from some of the events